<p>Toddlers<br />
Full Day Preschool<br />
<em>Ages 18–23 months</em></p>
Full Day Preschool
Ages 18–23 months


Our Full Day Preschool program for toddlers is designed to nurture little ones as they grow!

Our teachers are keenly aware of the positive impact of consistent, loving attention. We make frequent eye contact as we talk, sing, read, and engage children in activities that develop speech and language. We comfort them and help them gain confidence in a caring environment where they feel emotionally safe and secure.

Providing a steady routine ensures our little ones play, eat, nap, and learn contentedly each day. In addition, our teachers are flexible and attuned to toddler cues about their developmental needs as they progress throughout the year.

We offer constant support for all development areas with structured and child-directed curriculum activities to meet specific goals for fine and large motor skills, cognitive, language, social/emotional, and spiritual development. 

Program Details

 2024–25 Program  Hours  Days  Curriculum  Includes
 Full Day (full year)
 Ages 18–23 months
 7:30 AM–5:30 PM  M–F  Integrated  Hot Lunch 




Activities & Resources

Classrooms are equipped with age-appropriate toys, books, and learning materials for toddlers. Children enjoy time outside on our playgrounds and indoor activities in our gross motor and fitness zones.