<p>Our Integrated Approach<br />
Developing a lifelong love of learning</p>
Our Integrated Approach
Developing a lifelong love of learning

Our Integrated Approach

Calvary Child Development Center uses a defined, structured approach to curriculum for all age levels to ensure that all teachers provide a consistent learning and personal development experience.

Our Christian teachers and staff provide a warm and secure atmosphere where each child has the opportunity to grow — academically, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and socially. Each child’s learning style and interests are enhanced through creative, hands-on, active learning using an integrated, age-appropriate curriculum.
Teachers provide cross-curricular learning opportunities. Subjects and skills in different content areas — such as math, science, social/emotional, cognitive, motor, and language development — are presented throughout the day in our unique learning centers, enrichment classes, and active play.

Our desire is for every child to develop a life-long love of learning supported by a foundation of biblical principles.

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    Strategy & Preparation

    Each age-level has an integrated curriculum based on themes derived from ‘big’ ideas and concepts that are of interest to children and which serve to build a broad base of knowledge and skills that are relevant to their lives.

    An extensive library of regularly updated professional resources is available for teachers to draw from as they prepare their lesson plans to help children reach their identifiable goals.

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    Areas of Development

    Our curriculum encompasses all areas of development including:

    • Approaches to Play and Learning
    • Emotional and Social Development
    • Health and Physical Development
    • Language Development and Communication
    • Cognitive Development
    • Spiritual Development
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    Activity Mix & Classrooms

    Our curriculum encourages learning and development through self-directed exploration and play, and teacher-led activities in large and small groups or with individual children.
    Our classrooms are carefully well-equipped with learning materials that stimulate creativity, reasoning and problem solving, and increase vocabulary, language, and socialization skills. Teachers maintain a balance of activities within the classroom to appeal to all learners.

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    Spiritual Development

    Character development is central to our mission and key to any early childhood learner's success. Using daily Bible stories and songs, we build a strong biblical foundation of core values and principles children can carry through life.

    Teaching children that they are loved by God is of primary importance at Calvary!

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    Ongoing Assessment

    We are assessing children each day in the classroom, often documenting with notes and photos as we observe what they do and how they do it. 

    This allows us to communicate with parents on an as-needed basis as each child progresses, and also adapt our curriculum for the most meaningful and responsive approach.